Why it matters?


Imagine you walk into a party worrying if you are wearing the right outfit, will you say the right thing and what others will think. Now, walk into that same party feeling pretty good in your skin, aware of your strengths and with a decent amount of self confidence. Feels different, right? Envision, in both cases, how others respond to you. Well, with a company it is the same. When you are clear and honest about who you are, what you stand for, and know your place in the world, everyone is going to feel a little more comfortable.


After being humanized...

  • When push comes to shove you know what to cut and what to keep, without losing face or caving into peer pressure. 

  • Training your team to make decisions will be a piece of cake. Remember as they say, it is the little things we do every day that make the person. Think of what that means in terms of the company you want to grow up to be.

  • You will have such clarity around your core mission that your elevator pitch will feel like a personal mantra. Hitting on a deep truth will free you up to pivot, leaving you less susceptible to market trends.

  • Your employees will be happier because they will know what they are signing up for and where the company is headed.

  • Your consumers and clients will know right away if your company is a good fit, saving everyone time and money. 


Humanizing your company helps your tribe know who you are, where to find you, and provides the basis for a fruitful relationship.